Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Blog Post 5

Through The Benefits of Podcasting in the Classroom by Joe Dale, I learned that podcasting can be helpful for students outside of class. I had never thought of how such a simple video could be used to help in so many ways. One example presented in the video that really hit the idea of podcasting home for me was using it to help students who are out sick be able to keep up with class. This is a fantastic idea! It reminds me of all the days that I went to school feeling terrible just to be able to attend an important lesson. By offering a podcast for students who are absent is great because we are no longer pressuring them to come to class when they are not feeling well. I for one, am all for giving my students to tools necessary to keep up with school all while being able to stay home and get well. I want my students to come to class healthy, happy and ready to learn, not worrying about getting sick.

From the Judy Scharf Podcast Collection I learned about podcasting in general. She has some great tips on topics, research, as well as background information about podcasting. One thing that surprised me was the origin of the term podcast. I had no idea that it was cross between broadcast and ipod.

I loved reading Langwitches - Podacasting With 1st Grade. For me, as a future early education teacher, it helped me see what I could do with podcasting in my classroom. At the beginning of EDM 310 I had a poor attitude towards making a blog and other technological profiles because I had the idea that I would never be able to use many of these things in my classroom. After reading this blog post I can see what a difference something as simple as recording students reading can do. I think it is incredible how interested many of students became in the project, as well as how much feedback and encouragement they received from the people who visited their podcast.



  1. Hey Maggie I agree with you, that podcast are great for helping students who are out sick. I wish more college professors would make podcast. I also agree that in the beginning of this class I did not think any of this would be helpful to me as a history teacher. After a few classes I think I will be using a lot of what we learn in my classroom.

  2. I also learned a lot about podcasting and how useful and helpful it is for students. There are so many things that they can learn from podcast. I also agree with Jamie Risner. Podcast should be used in college too. I wish my teachers in elementary school had used podcast with us. I think that maybe I would not be as shy as I am today. From the reading, podcast seems to teach you many skills that may benefit you in the future. It also made me think about using podcast in my classroom when I become a teacher.

  3. Although podcasts do have very many positive outcomes, I think there is a potential problem. With students being able to learn a lesson right from home, they may start to be "sick" more often so they don't have to go to school. A friend of mine is in Medical School at South and she told me that one of her professors has started posting his lectures live online. I understand that sometimes you have to miss class, but she even admitted that this has made her become extremely lazy. There is something about being in a classroom that helps you learn better that laying in your bed while watching a lecture. Don't get me wrong, I love technology and I do think podcasts are great. I just think it could become an easy way out for some.

    Maggie, I think we had the same attitude at the beginning of this class. It seemed like we were having to do all of these things on our computer, but had no idea how they would fit into our own classrooms. Now I am starting to see how many of the things we learn to operate in Dr. Strange's class can potentially be very useful when we become teachers!

  4. So your attitudes about using technology in your classroom are changing? If you want to keep your students interested you will have to thoroughly incorporate technology into what you do. Your students will be expecting it!

  5. Hi, Maggie! I agree that using podcasts as a way for students to keep up with the class when they're sick is a very good idea! There are many days where I didn't feel well enough to go to class, but I forced myself because I never wanted to miss my math classes! So having a podcast available for the student to watch would lessen their worries for getting behind! But, like Kaylee said, it could be a bit problematic. But it's still a great idea to improve on!

    Good post! I only saw one or two typos, which can be remedied by either typing your post into Microsoft Word before posting here or enabling a spell checker for your internet browser.