Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Group Podcast Project # 9


  1. I wish each of you had added some excitement to the video! You each had some great summaries of the book but frankly this podcast might as well have been an audio podcast because the video did not add anything special to the project. You need to get up and move around! Add fun transitions and a good theme. Maybe you could have given a demonstration of something you learned from the book or some sound effects and music?

  2. First a comment about your video. See Elizabeth's suggestions. Even cropping the video would have helped. I am separately emailing you with an example of how cropping would have helped. Even though you attempted to simulate a conversation, it really was not one. You got started with conversations but then out came the papers and the reading began. Kayle came close to not reading, but even she slipped a bit. Next semester I am going to BAN READING. Outlines would be permitted BUT NOT TEXT THAT IS READ. I think I will also convert the Green Screen movie into a podcast (or combine the two) and maybe make the first PBL Lesson Plan a Podcast in which the students discuss their plan and connect the plan to Markham's suggestions/ideas. Any thoughts on these ideas? Close to a conversation (a lot closer than some others). Good coverage of material.

    1. I completely agree with you and Elizabeth about our video. We did not like what we were doing with it either, but we felt like this was the only way to cover all the information. I really like your ideas for next semester. I think those changes would make the projects a lot more focused and meaningful for the students taking EDM310. Another possibility would be to have students create a "How to" video for each part of Thom Markham's book. An example of a video might be, how to organize your classroom. A concept presented in part one.