Sunday, July 14, 2013

Blog Post #14

This assignment is not in my area of specialty. Instead, it reiterates what we have been taught in class that we need a change in education. The purpose of this assignment is to give students facts about our education system so that they can appreciate PBL and understand what changes are necessary to effectively teach students of the future.

Watch the video Is Education Outdated?.
What did you learn? Do you agree that the education system is outdated? Tell why or why not.

In the video Is Education Outdated? I learned that we are educating students for the past, not the future. Much of this we cannot help because we do not know what the future holds, but we can help students prepare for the future with new methods. Our current education system was a concept designed for the industrial age to create warm bodies for manufacturers an universities. A revolution that occurred almost 100 years ago! Why teach a student in the 21st century with methods from the 19th? It just does not make any sense. Instead, we need to be determining what relevant today and designing our education system around it.

"Our future is changing so rapidly, that what worked in the past has no guarantee of working in the future anymore."

I completely agree with Guy Morrell-Stinson in that the education system is outdated. Just because something worked 100 years ago, does not mean there is not a better more efficient, up to date way to do it now. Today's society has different educational needs, so why keep the same educational system from the industrialization that focuses academics? Today we should be telling kids to do what they want. Be an artist. Be a horse trainer. Be a fashion designer. Anything! We no longer have jobs that require everyone to go to college for academics. There is no reason to keep encouraging every student to attend college when graduates are having a hard time finding jobs in their degree of expertise. We should encourage them to find something they are good at and encourage them to pursue a future in it.