Sunday, July 21, 2013

Blog Post #16

How you would now (tools, methods, classroom, activities, etc.) change what you wrote at the start of the semester? Explain why you would make these changes.

As I reread my first blog post there are not a lot of things that I would change from the beginning of the semester. I still want my students to be able to study topics that interest them and use their creativity in my class. I still want to be that teacher who encourages, not forces learning. The difference is that now after taking EDM310 I know how to be the teacher that I wanted to be in the beginning of the semester.

At the beginning of the class I was a not a fan of iPads in a classroom. I felt that too much technology would create a distance between the real world experiences such as being outside, and interacting with animals. Now, I see that I was very wrong. Technology is a great resource not only for me as a teacher, but for my students. Between the apps, and online tools such as Discovery Ed and iCurio, technology does nothing, but enhance a student's understanding of a subject.


  1. EDM 310 did it's job on you! Good luck in your other classes. You're going to enjoy them!

  2. Keep your eyes open and keep on learning! Well done.

    In part A you last sentence would be stronger if you end it this way: enhances a student's understanding of a subject.