Wednesday, July 3, 2013

C4T #3

I was assigned to the blog Peoplegogy by Dr. Will Deyamport. His blog is awesome for those who are interested in learning about and using technology. Making it not only helpful for teachers, but anyone who wants to be more familiar with using Skype, LinkedIn, Google Hangout, and other tools that are available.

The first video I watched from his blog was Twitter Webinar with Tom Whitford and Victoria Olson. Tom is a school administrator, while Victoria is a teacher as well as a instructional technologist. Together with Dr. Deyamport they explain how twitter is a great way to connect and build a PLN. This video made everything click in my mind. I can finally understand why Dr. Strange had us create a twitter account. Before I thought Twitter, I hate twitter, it is useless. Now, I can see how great twitter can be if you use it the right way.

One last important point, they showed me how I should be finding other educators and influential people to follow using twitter, besides Carly Aquilino from Girl Code. I can not unfollow Carly.


The second post I read was What You need to Know about Class Dojo by Erin Wolfhope. This was an extremely cool article to read. It brought back all those memories from elementary school when I had to go to the front of the room and change my card for being bad. I hated this way of discipline when I was in school because it was completely forgetting all my good behavior and only punishing my bad behavior. To fix that problem kids today have Class Dojo. A super cool up to date version of card flipping. It allows a teacher to not only take away points when necessary, but also give points to reward good behavior. Even though Class Dojo is controlled online by an electronic device such as an iPhone or Android, it still visible for students at the top of their normal projected screen at the front of the room. Allowing students to instantly see when they receive new points. Another feature that I thought was interesting is that Class Dojo has a parent password, allowing parents to monitor their child's behavior during school online. Did I mention the students have cool avatars?! I love it! I need it! What a fun game.



  1. Really good post!! I did not see any grammatical errors and from I saw you did a great job of summarizing everything! Good post!!

  2. And how did I find Dr. Deyamport? Twitter!

    Well done.

  3. This was a great summary!! Good job. I'll definitely have to look into Class Dojo. It sounds really fun.